Welcome to Bionomica!

Who we are
We are a fast-growing new generation community with a revolutionary concept of the sustainable world. We live in different countries but we are all children of the same mother, Earth.

What we do
We are engaged in different spheres of activity but have one thing in common: we change the technosphere in a way that lets it harmoniously integrate into the biosphere of the Earth.

What we offer
Wherever you are feel free to join our community, get involved and make your own contribution to Bionomica. We are going to help promote goods and inovations for sustainable world.

How to benefit
If you own an idea, technology or business, start a blog on our website, make regular publications, sell your product at our web market, manage and grow your own community.

News of the week

Panasonic and the city of Fujisawa have worked together to make «Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town» a reality.

Sourse: http://channel.panasonic.com/

Leaders of G7 countries promise to eliminate the use of oil and gas by 2100.

Sourse: http://www.cbc.ca

TESLA Motors Inc. invests $5 billion in a gigafactory to store electricity for homes, businesses and utilities!

Sourse: http://www.bloomberg.com/

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