What is Bionomica?

Technosphere is like biosphere
Bionomica is a society or civilization that has its technosphere completely harmonized with the biosphere of the Earth in all possible aspects. For instance, the cities of Bionomica are highly efficient and sustainable because they are designed on the principle of natural ecosystems. This website aims to provide international cooperation to fulfill this important mission.

Economy is like biology
To be as viable as possible economy must be like biology. The more economy is like biology the more sustainable it is. For example, the more solar energy economy uses the more it becomes like a natural plant. The ecosystem-like economy is Bionomics.

Biology is like economy
Every signle biological organism as well as a social community like ants or bees have their own economy the humans have to learn from. Thus, we treat a human body as an economic system when we try to manage its viability, health and youth. This approach is called Bionomics.

Engineering like biology
Our best technical devices are all designed like biological ones. Scientists apply biological methods found in nature to the design of modern engineering systems. For example, a “solar cell” is an electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity just like a natural plant does. This approach is called Bionics.

Technology like biology
We use microbiological processes of living systems and organisms to develop or make useful products. Thus, in the healthcare sector we produce vaccines or cures for serious diseases and in the energy sector – biofuels or biogas which is renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy. This approach is called Biotechnology.


Bionomica = bionomics + bionics + biotechnology
Bionomics = bio-like economy
Bionics = bio-like engineering
Biotechnology = bio-like technology

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