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Bionomics is an independent school in economics. It provides economics with analogies from biology and helps understand economy as a living system or in a global aspect as a self-organized super ecosystem. Bionomics is a synthetical discipline because it merges biology and economics. Its method is comparative bioeconomic analysis which is based on the system of bioeconomic parallels. So, bionomics is a duai core discipline. On one hand it lets study economy in terms of biology and on the other hand it lets study biology in terms of economy. In the first case we can make our economy healthier and more sustainable, in the second case we can make our body stronger, younger and resistant to stress.
Here is one of the examples of applied bionomics in the sphere of architecture. A British architect Michael Pawlyn takes cues from nature to make new, sustainable architectural environments. This method is called biomimicry (see the video below).

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